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According to Hockey Canada, over 300,000 played minor hockey in 2009, with even more playing local recreation leagues, and more than that playing hockey on the local pond.

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Keep Your Mini Sticks Organized With Sticky!

Oct 27, 2014

I love this product. Have you ever been heading out to a tournament and rushing around because you don’t want to forget the mini sticks? Or, walking through the hallway or basement and trip over the things that have been left...

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6 Steps for Hockey Team Fundraising with Crowdfunding

Oct 20, 2014

  Hockey Moms do a lot of fundraising and gathering money for one reason or another. And both of these things can be a real challenge. Keeping track of cash, chasing people down who agreed to help or still owe, lists, spreadsheets...

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Equipment 101: Tips for Buying Hockey Equipment

Oct 6, 2014

Last week I ventured into one of my favourite stores, Pro Hockey Life. I don’t play hockey, but I buy enough equipment to be fascinated by a store dedicated solely to…hockey equipment. Normally when I hit PLH I have at least...

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