Tell Us a Story and Win a Drylocker Hockey Bag!

There is no getting around it, hockey equipment can be smelly, stinky, and disgusting. That’s why Hockey Mom in Canada is happy that Drylocker has generously offered up a Drylocker Hockey bag (yes! The kind that dries your equipment IN THE BAG) to one hockey mom who can tell us in 250 words or less an entertaining and humorous story about smelly hockey equipment, why she is a worthy recipient of the bag, and how it will make her (YOU!) a better hockey mom! Because they know there are so many worthy moms out there, Drylocker is also offering up a 50% off coupon for a “runner-up”.

How do you enter, you ask?


You can enter your information, and your story, it’s as simple as that!


1) If you like to edit your stories, or want to be able to spell check before you send it, type out your story ahead of time and then copy and paste it into the appropriate box.

2) Points will be awarded for entertainment value, so be creative and humorous!

3) If you have questions about the bag, please do not hesistate to email , or email with comments or questions in general.

4) The contest closes October 27th, 2010 at midnight, and the winner will be announced October 30, 2010.

Drylocker uses only fast drying natural room temperature air and therefore will never harm or damage your equipment unlike constant ozonating or heat use which overtime will break down rubber, leather and other material.

Good luck, everyone, and we look forward to reading about your stinky equipment!