Future Sens Information

Future Sens Information

Come play a game on Ottawa Senators Home Ice before the NHL game!

–  Sens theme music as your players take to the ice

–  Individual player introductions

– National Anthem

– Music between stoppages in play

– Sens Goal horn celebrates every goal

– Your  team including coaches and trainer get to sit on the NHL benches for the game

– And…every player receives a Sens Jersey for participating!

Special Last Minute Offer:*Only 120 tickets commitment*

  • Dec. 7th vs Washington – 3:00pm time slot remaining (S)
  • Dec. 22nd vs Florida – 3:30pm time slot remaining (B)
  • Jan 2nd vs Florida – 1:30pm time slot DURING THE HOLIDAY BREAK (B)

Other Time Slots Remaining (200 ticket commitment):

  • Jan 5th vs Tampa Bay – 2:30pm time slot DURING HOLIDAY BREAK (B)
  • Feb. 7th vs St. Louis – 3:30pm time slot remaining (B)
  • Feb. 9th vs Nashville – 3:30pm time slot remaining (S)
  • Mar. 8th vs NY Rangers – 3:30pm time slot remaining (S)
  • Mar. 10th vs Buffalo – 1:00pm time slot SATURDAY GAME (S)
  • Mar. 20th vs New Jersey – 4:30pm time slot remaining (B)
  • Apr. 3rd vs Carolina – 4:30pm time slot remaining (B)

Pricing Per Ticket:

(B) = $35 per ticket all in

(S) = $45 per ticket all in

For more information on how to book a Future Sens time slot, please contact Caralynn Laszlo directly at 613-599-0226.