Winter Tires: The Option for Snowy, Icy Roads

Goodyear Winter Baudette LSP 732b (1)SUVWinter Tires: The Option for Snowy, Icy Roads

Motorists may be leaving themselves unprepared for the cold winter season by ignoring the equipment on their vehicles. The Canadian Press claims that one out of five winter driving accidents could have been avoided with winter tires.

To help avoid potentially hazardous situations, Goodyear highlights the key benefits of equipping your vehicle with superior-performing winter tires:

Traction is Key: With hazardous winter weather ahead, now is not the time to ignore your tires. For optimum traction to navigate harsh winter conditions with confidence, consider installing a set of winter tires on your vehicle.  Goodyear has a wide range of winter tires to help meet the driving needs of virtually every consumer.  Winter tires are typically designed with a specialized rubber compound that maintains its flexibility in cold weather. This helps the tire to adapt to the road surface and dig into snow and ice.

Stability Control:  It’s important to be alert when driving on snow-covered roadways because slush, ice and other hazards make it difficult to change lanes and handle your vehicle. Contrary to popular belief, anti-lock braking systems (ABS) do not increase traction. These control systems only make the most of the available traction by limiting braking and accelerating.

Temperature matters: Winter weather can be unpredictable, so it’s important to remember the benefits of having superior-performing winter tires, such as a set of Goodyear tires. One of the most fundamental aspects of winter tires is the rubber compound. As temperatures drop, the rubber compound in standard tires typically gets “harder,” which can have an effect on traction. Many tire manufacturers recommend that winter tires should be put on vehicles when temperatures drop to 7 degrees Celsius.

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