Protecting You and Your Vehicle

Goodyear Winter Baudette LSP 729b(car2)Protecting You and Your Vehicle

For even the most experienced driver, hauling your kids to hockey practice or making a quick trip to the grocery store can be challenging if your vehicle is not properly prepared for winter.  To prevent being caught off guard while driving this winter, here are some tips to help you arrive safely to your destination:

Traction is Key: With hazardous winter weather ahead, now is not the time to ignore your tires. Your vehicle needs superior performing winter tires for optimum traction to navigate harsh winter conditions with confidence. Goodyear has a wide range of winter tires to help meet the driving needs of virtually every consumer.


Inflation is Essential: Keep in mind that when the temperature drops, the air pressure in your tires also decreases. Proper tire inflation is essential for vehicle stability, fuel efficiency, optimum steering, grip, wear and load-carrying capabilities. During these winter months, it’s recommended to check your tires’ air pressure at least monthly.


Easy Does It:  Remember to stay extra cautious of other vehicles when driving. Make sure you leave at least three times more space than usual between your vehicle and the one in front of you. In order to know how your vehicle performs in the winter weather, it may be helpful to practice driving techniques in an empty, open parking lot.


Stock your vehicle: No one wants to break down, especially in cold weather, so keeping a kit with essential items is helpful in case of emergencies. Some essential items to include are blankets, water bottles, first aid kit, jumper cables, shovel, ice scraper, road flares, a candle and matches.

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