Winter Driving with Goodyear

Goodyear Tips for Winter Driving

Hockey Moms! Say safe on the roads this winter! Get tips and advice for Hockey Moms from the winter driving experts at Goodyear.

Winter Tires: The Option for Snowy, Icy Roads

Preparation is Key When Driving in Winter Weather

 Protecting You and Your Vehicle

Goodyear and Partnering to Make Winter Driving Safer for Hockey Moms

When living the life of a Canadian Hockey Mom, there are a few things that cannot be avoided, and one of these things is driving in (often harsh) winter conditions.  I am so pleased to once again be partnering with Goodyear to tackle some winter driving questions, and to offer you lots of great stuff in the process! Over the next few months we will be working with Goodyear to “Go for the Gold” as they help keep athletes and their families safe on trips to and from the rink. Here are a few of the things we have in store:

martin brodeur

  • Goodyear has joined with two-time Olympic Gold medalist and three time Stanley Cup Champion Martin Brodeur and to educate hockey moms, athletes, and their families about winter driving safety and the role superior performing winter tires can play in helping arrive safely at the rink.
  • Goodyear will work with Brodeur, and winter driving expert Ian Law of the ILR Winter Driving School in Ontario, Canada to provide weekly informational blog posts, social media updates, and Goodyear Ultra Grip winter tire giveaways (Yes!!! We will be giving away sets of Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Tires!!!)
  • Canadian Hockey Moms (and their players) will have a chance to ask Martin Brodeur questions about his long and illustrious career! Hold on for more information!
  • For more helpful car care advice or information on tires for cars, light trucks, SUVs and more, visit your local Goodyear retailer or go online to or

That’s right Hockey Moms! Winter tire giveaways, and a chance to get tips from Martin Brodeur, and winter driving expert Ian Law! Stay tuned, lots more information coming your way!

Comments or questions? Be sure to leave a comment on our Facebook page, or email


Comments or questions? Be sure to leave a comment on our Facebook page, or email