When is the “Right” Time for Hockey Moms to Get Winter Tires?

Oct 24, 2012 by

We all know that as Hockey Moms, we do a tonne of winter driving. As we announced yesterday, CanadianHockeyMoms.ca is proud to partner with Goodyear, Scott Niedermayer, and his mother Carol, to promote safe winter driving.

For the next couple of months we will be talking about winter driving safety, and Goodyear will be providing winter driving tips, AND we’ll be having some giveaways along the way!

Today we will be talking about “The Right Time for Tires”.

If you are like me, you find it hard to schedule time to get your winter tires on (or maybe you opt to NOT have winter tires). For years booking an appointment to have my tires changed was a big deal, because I am busy, and this was one of those things I could keep putting off.

That was until the winter of 2009.

I had booked an appointment, but then cancelled for some reason that now seems very unimportant. Coincidentally, the night of my cancelled appointment there was freezing rain, and some snow. The next morning while heading for work via some back roads, I hit some slush covered ice, and skidded across the road into the guardrails and back across the road to the other side. It was a VERY scary experience that taught me my lesson – I should have kept my appointment for winter tires, and probably avoided the accident that damaged my van, cost me my insurance deductible, and could have been way worse if there had of been a car coming from the other direction, or if my kids had been with me. This is a TRUE story. Lesson learned. Winter tires are important to keep myself, and my family, safe.

Check out the article from Goodyear on “The Right Time for Tires”, and think seriously about how you can keep your own family safe on the way to and from the rink. And THEN, you have an opportunity to receive your own free set of Goodyear Ultra Grip tires! Read the article (you will be asked a question pertaining to the article) then sign up HERE for the first of five Goodyear Ultra Grip Tire Giveaways!

For more helpful car care advice or information on tires for cars, light trucks, SUVs and more, visit your local Goodyear retailer or go online to www.goodyear.ca.

Comments or questions? Leave a comment on our Facebook Page, or email contactus@canadianhockeymoms.ca

Good Luck!

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