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Original photo by "In the Game" Action Photography

Original photo by “In the Game” Action Photography

One of my children recently participated in pre-tryout skates through Game Ready Hockey Development. Founded by current Peterborough Petes assistant coach Jake Grimes, and supported by a number of other coaches including former AHL, IHL and ECHL player Chris Longo, the skates provided the perfect combination of skating, skills, and mental preparation.

Tryouts can be an exceptionally trying time for hockey players (and their families!). Following the last skate, Jake shared this email with a few important tips for try-outs with all players who had participated. I thought (with permission of course), it would be worthwhile to share with all of you.

Re: Thank you and Good Luck!

Chris and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing us to help prepare you for your respective tryouts and wish you all good luck!

You should feel sharp and ready and a sense of confidence going into your training camps knowing you have committed to preparing yourself. 

If I have some pieces of advice…


-listen well

-get to the front of the lines

-spend yourself to win races and battles all over the ice

-make passes when it is the right thing to do

-realize that you have prepared well for your tryouts to there is no reason to feel over nervous…feeling over nervous usually doesn’t help us be the best we can be

-have fun…yes you can have fun in tryouts…the better mood you are in the better you will play and the more confidence you will play with

Game Ready Hockey Development


Do you get stressed during tryouts, and can your children sense it? What are your “try-out” tips?

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