The Book “Hockey Mom” is a Great Read for Hockey Moms!

May 5, 2014 by

CaptureAny book with the title “Hockey Mom” of course grabs my attention. I have spent the last four years talking all things hockey mom on this website and with thousands of moms across Canada, and the world. So when I met Jane Lushington Daly and learned that she had four sons, all of whom had played hockey, and on top of that, she had written a book called “Hockey Mom”, of course I was intrigued.

I curled up with “Hockey Mom” on a rare free Saturday afternoon once my own kids were done with playoffs. From the opening scene where the main character considers jumping to her death to avoid the head of the fundraising committee, to the very final pages where the mystery is finally solved, I was hooked. I saw myself and my hockey mom friends in the book, emerging in all of the typical characters encountered at the rink (hint, I’m often the one with the clipboard), evident in the everyday lives being described. The dysfunctional family scenes are unique and I often found myself laughing out loud, and comparing some of the ridiculous situations I have found myself in to those in the book. I bet you’ll find yourself and your friends, in this book, too.

Hockey Mom is a book that most any hockey mom could relate to. For that reason alone I think it’s worthwhile to read. It will bring a smile to your face. On top of that, though, the book is a genuine page-turning mystery.  While I knew there was going to be a twist at the end, I could not for the life of me figure out what it would be. The creativity demonstrated in developing the plot layered with the sarcastic humour and quirky main character made this an enjoyable read for a hockey mom worn out after a long hockey season. Hockey Moms and non-hockey moms alike will enjoy this easy yet intelligent read.

You too have a chance to enjoy “Hockey Mom”.  Jane Lushington Daly is giving away three copies just in time for Mother’s Day. All you have to do is show up for our Facebook Chat on Thursday, May 8th, and leave a comment to be eligible for receiving a signed copy of the book! Jane will be with us on Thursday reading your comments and responding to them, and picking some winners as well!

Or, if you would rather just order the book (or hint to someone that you would like a copy for Mother’s day) you can check it out here on Amazon.

And be sure to join us on Thursday to chat with the author Jane Lushington Daly! Check out our Facebook Page for more information.

Comments or questions? Email or leave a comment on our Facebook Page.

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  1. Beatrice Brown

    Is this going to come out for Kobo. I take my Kobo to all my son’s games. The hour or before a game and the 30 minute minimum are great times to read. I would love to hear more about your book.

  2. Dear Canadian Hockey Moms,

    I would like to tell you about a project I am working on called The Gal’s Got Game ( We’ve recently been written up in the Toronto Star

    The Gal’s Got Game is an organization focused on helping women advance by giving them the tools they need to be more conversant in sports talk and knowledge of sports.

    We have just launched our Hockey 101 online course. It’s an email based course where the user gets 10 emails (one a day for 10 days). They spend about 5 minutes a day learning the material. It is giving the user a good introduction to Hockey basics (mostly North American hockey, but we do touch on some international stuff as well). It’s ideal for men/women who want to know more about hockey but don’t know where to start. It’s also a great tool for immigrants to Canada who didn’t grow up watching or playing North American sports.

    I’d like to offer the course at a discount to the Canadian hockey mom followers. Normally we sell the course for $10, but we could do a 15% discount to any member of this site who was interested. If you wanted to check out the course first I’d be happy to sign you up for a free trial run.

    Let me know. Thanks so much in advance for your support!


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