Sending Hockey Mom Vibes to Victim of Arena Assault

Dec 31, 2013 by

CHM_logoMost Hockey Moms think of arenas as safe places. Places where we take our children to play hockey, where our hockey families keep an eye on siblings running around the lobby, and where our community comes together to celebrate wins and losses. So when incidents happen – like the random violent attack on a Hockey Mom in a parking lot in Surrey, BC happen –  it sends a collective shudder through hockey types across Canada.

According to a report in the Vancouver Sun,  Julie Paskall was attacked outside an arena while her son refereed in an Atom division tournament. The mother of two daughters and one son was left on life support and is not expected to survive.

This incident makes me think twice about many things, including how we take it for granted that we are safe at our second home – the rink. About how cruel the world can be. About how a family’s world can change so quickly.

Also, I am thinking about how close our hockey families become, and how the bond between hockey families exceeds even those on our own teams or in our own communities. Many of you reached out to me to post the story about this tragic incident for one Hockey Mom in Surrey, BC. Many of you asked me to ask our community of Hockey Moms to keep Julie and her family, hockey family, and community, in our thoughts and prayers. So today, on the last day of 2013, that’s what I will do.

I am often moved by emails or messages that you send me because it shows me the tremendous love you have for the game and compassion you have for those you meet through it. I hope that you will join with me in sending our best Hockey Mom vibes to all of those affected in Surrey, BC, and I hope that they can feel it. I hope Julie Paskall can feel it. Please keep the Paskall family in your thoughts and prayers.


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  1. gobi desert

    Julie has since been taken off life support, and has passed away. An awful, awful, awful and disgusting tragedy. Be ever vigilant.

  2. Venessa

    Was this a random act towards Julie? Did it have anything to do with the game her son was refereeing?

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