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max DomiWho could forget how rising superstar Max Domi enamoured our nation last year during the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships. In addition to bringing home a gold medal for Canada, his on-ice enthusiasm not to mention his scoring prowess earned him the tournament’s Best Forward award as well as a spot on the All-Star Team.

But there is something you may not know about Max. He has Type 1 Diabetes.

For many children and parents alike, being diagnosed with diabetes has been considered a barrier to living a normal and healthy life, let alone becoming an elite athlete. Max is an example of how, with proper management and accuracy of blood testing, anyone can achieve greatness and live their dreams.

To shed light on the importance of accuracy and the key role it plays in the lives of millions of Canadians living with diabetes, Max has joined the new Powered by Accuracy program. This program highlights the accomplishments of Canadians who lead exceptional lives and are living their dreams, despite being diagnosed with diabetes.

As Hockey Moms, we all know families who are affected by the disease. And as Hockey Moms our number one goal is to keep our families happy, and healthy. The Powered by Accuracy program is an example to us all of how remarkable accuracy can help lead to remarkable results.

Max Domi and the folks at Powered by Accuracy would like you to help spread the word about this program and what every child with diabetes could achieve.  As a reward for helping spread the word, we are asking that you share or re-tweet this post. Each person who shares or re-tweets this post will be entered into a Giveaway for a Team Canada package valued at $150 that includes an official Team Canada hat and puck signed by Powered by Accuracy Ambassador Max Domi.

Do you know a family who has been affected by diabetes? Make sure they read this post as well, and check out the Powered by Accuracy program.

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  1. Sophie Durelle-Catalano

    WTG Max!! Just showes that if you set your heart on something and you work had that anything is possible.

  2. Melanie Blair

    Great article for both parents and children. Most if not all families will be or are affected by diabetes in some way. Every bit of information provided to help educate us is very helpful. Max is a true athlete and an amazing person. Thanks for sharing Max.

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