How Can Hockey Moms Make a Big Save?

Nov 17, 2010 by

Yesterday I asked Hockey Moms the question “What do non-hockey playing families do with their time?” A few of you also wanted to know, “What do non-hockey playing families do with all that extra money?”

Yes, there is no getting around it, hockey is expensive. Everywhere you turn, there are more costs; registration costs, equipment costs, tryout fees, tournament fees, admission fees, ice rental, hotel rentals, costs of eating out or buying arena food, the list goes on and on. It’s kind of depressing for someone like me, but I’m the type of person who often (unwisely) sticks my head in the sand when it comes to money. I’m well aware that there are better ways of doing things.

A cool part of hosting this website and the Facebook page is that I get to learn about a lot of the work going on across Canada to support minor hockey, and hockey families.  Recently, I’ve learned more about the Scotiabank Hockey Club, an initiative that provides grassroot hockey programs across Canada with financial and planning support.  Scotiabank has a long history with hockey. And, you have probably all seen the Scotiabank Commercials with Jarome Iginla, and know about the program where if your child opens an account they get a Scotiabank Savings tin.

But Scotiabank Hockey Club is about more than savings tins. Scotiabank Hockey Club is now also supporting hockey families and hockey teams to develop their financial literacy through their Scotia Bank Hockey Club website.  On the site you will find special offers, community events, and can check out a blog. And, you also need to check out their exciting new contest “The Big Save”, a fun way to help hockey teams boost their financial literacy and learn to save together. To enter, a team simply has to pledge the amount they plan to save together and send in a team picture. The prize is definitely worth the effort, because one team will have a chance to travel to Whitehorse to celebrate Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada on February 12, 2011! This is a prize estimated to be worth over $45,000, not including all of the priceless memories. (I definitely think you should enter, when else will many of us get to travel to Whitehorse, let alone travel to Whitehorse to play hockey? What an opportunity.) You have to hurry to enter, though, because the contest closes November 30, with a winner chosen December 2nd. You can get more information at the Big Save Blog.

As well, because Scotiabank also recognizes the readers of and the dedication of hockey moms to keeping the hockey dreams of kids across our country alive, Scotiabank Hockey Club is offering some great Scotiabank Hockey Club Reebok gear (bag, toques, and some great jerseys) to readers of this page. I’ve had a chance to check one out in person and can tell you that there is something for everyone in the family. To enter for a chance to win some Scotiabank Reebok gear, just CLICK HERE TO ENTER your name, email address. You will also have to email your best tip hockey related money-saving tip. How can Hockey Moms also get in on the Big Save?

So, be sure to do the following:

1) Check out the Scotiabank Hockey Club website, enter your team for a chance to head to Whitehorse;

2) Sign up for a chance to win some Scotiabank Hockey Club gear.

As for my pledge for the Big Save? I promise to keep my head out of the sand when it comes to hockey related spending. I’ll let you know how it goes….

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