How Are Hockey Moms Coping with the NHL Lockout?

Nov 23, 2012 by

As Hockey Moms, your family’s regular activities have undoubtedly been affected by the NHL Lockout. Maybe you are a family who regularly bunkers down to watch Hockey Night in Canada, maybe you had planned to take your family to a game, or maybe, like Kraft Hockeyville winner Stirling-Rawdon you had your home town NHL pre-season game cancelled.

The question becomes, how are you coping with the NHL lockout?

To get a handle on these issues bloggers at The Flight Network ran a survey asking users how they plan to cope with the NHL lockout, and they got an overwhelming response from over 7196 readers. They used their responses to create this informative yet amusing image.


So check it out!! (The fullsize image is HERE) Do these ideas match yours? Or maybe you can peruse this list for some ideas. You can find the ORIGINAL BLOG HERE.

And let us know what YOU will be doing with YOUR time during the NHL lockout!

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