Hockey Mom Runs on Ice to Break up Fight

Jun 18, 2012 by

A few of you have emailed to ask me what I think of this video, where a hockey mom walks on the ice to break up a fight during a youth game.


Truthfully, I watched the video a few times, and I still have mixed feelings about it. For sure I would never want to be the one walking on the ice during a game, but I also feel that I don’t have all of the information I need to “judge” that woman’s behaviour.

First, though I have watched a lot of hockey fights, I have never watched my own SON in a fight. I’m guessing that changes things – when suddenly you are afraid for your own child’s safety. My husband actually commented the other day, before seeing this video, that I would “lose my mind” the first time I saw one of my kids in a fight.

I wonder if perceiving the ref as “standing around” during a fight where I was concerned for my son (especially if he wasn’t a “fighter”), would provoke me into walking on the ice, I have no idea. I think not, I would like to say that I understand the hockey beast well enough to know that this could be a possibility. And, I have no idea what happened in the game before the fight. What happened to provoke this particular tussle? Had the  game been overly rough? Were there already injuries? Were all parents worried for their kids’ safety (I’ve been there!) Were the refs “ignoring” chippy play? I have seen that sometimes the ref’s laissez faire attitude toward violence/aggression during the game can provoke parents. Is this what put this mom over the edge? I don’t know.

Finally, I have no history on this particular mom and her typical behaviour at games. Is she the one constantly yelling at refs no matter what? No idea. If she is “that” mom, who is constantly getting into it, yelling at her kids and others, the refs,  maybe this behaviour is expected (but by no means acceptable).  Or, is she the quiet one who finally decided to take a stand against a perceived injustice, or inadequate job by the refs?

So, what do I think about the video? Well, I hope that I never do something similar, or feel so provoked by officiating in a game that I would somehow feel walking on the ice was justified. I do want to point out, though, that almost immediately after she went on the ice, everyone stopped fighting (kind of like – ok..stop it,  MOM’S coming!). I guess she accomplished her mission. Ah…the power of moms…

Be sure to watch the video, and even check out comments others have posted. If nothing else this video has provoked a great discussion…

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  1. I think I agree with everything you’ve said. Who knows what went on before hand and what type of hockey mom is she. I know there have been 2 games this past season where the reffing was so poor, they were lucky I couldn’t get down there, lol.

  2. Why is this O.K. in hockey?!

    What if this was not hockey? What if this took place in your school yard? Four boys punching each other while two teachers stood by and watched. Would that be O.K.? What if a mother tried to intervene? Would you yell “get out and let them finish each other off!” Would you question this mothers intentions or what kind of mother she was?

    Why is this O.K. in hockey? Why are we looking at the mother at all? The referees should have taken control. The coaches should have taken control. The people screaming “get off the ice’ should be ashamed. Violence is NOT ‘part of the game’. If you don’t believe me check your rule book.

    Don Sanderson died just twenty days after banging his head on the ice during a hockey fight. If we had footage of that would you be cheering? What if Ms. Sanderson stepped onto the ice? Would you jeer at her?

    The next time you see a fight at the game; film the crowd. That is where you will find your sensational story. That is where the blame lies. Let’s clean up the game so that no one needs to step on the ice again.

    Don Sanderson – Read more:

  3. Katrina

    I agree with what you said. Last year my son was only 7 and playing against a team where the coach encouraged his players to play dirty. Hitting the other kids from behind, cross checking with their hockey sticks, grabbing their hockey sticks like a baseball bat and hitting our kids acrss the back of the head. I too have had a few moments when I wanted to go down on the ice feeling like the refs weren’t doing enough. Like you said as soon as the MOM went on the ice the fighting stopped so she did accomplish what she wanted.

  4. FYI: some of the comments on youTube are disparaging.
    “Stupid bitch”,
    “It’s a f’n hockey game. Let the kids fight!,
    “nice job lady. this is hands down the douchiest thing i have ever seen in my life…”

    Thanks to a few decent men the conversation is slowly turning into something more constructive but so far mothers have not weighed in? Where do you stand ladies? Will you let these blunt statements stand?

    This is your forum. Be heard.

    Link to the conversation:

    • Frank, you have some very good points. My thinking is similar to your first reply. My dilemma is: what SHOULD we do when that situation happens again? And, unfortunately it will. I’ve started a page on Facebook to try and get the support needed to change the state of reffing in our favorite game, but it will take some time to get real, positive change.

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