Hockey Fans Will Love Two New Series of Children’s Hockey Books

Dec 12, 2011 by

My family loves books about hockey. In fact, for the longest time, my oldest son would not read anything that wasn’t about hockey. That’s why I’m thrilled with two new sets of children’s books sent to me by Fenn/Tundra, the children’s division of Fenn/McClelland & Stewart.

The first set of books is called “My First NHL ® Book Series” by Christopher Jordan. What better way to introduce your child to the action-packed world of hockey than through a series of books aimed at the youngest of hockey fans? Children will count players, sticks and Stanley cups, explore colours through team logos, and learn the animals of the NHL.

The second set of books are for the slightly older reader. The Puckster Series was written by Lorna Shultz Nicholson and illustrated by Kelly Findley, and is an officially licensed product of Hockey Canada. We can all relate to the excitement that our children feel playing their first game, and getting their first hockey sweater. These two books offer entertaining stories that young fans everywhere will love to read, or be read. As a mom who reads lots of children’s books, I personally enjoyed both stories and the colourful illustrations on every page.

You too have a chance to enjoy these books! Fenn/Tundra has offered to provide our readers with five sets of each series. You can enter HERE to win one of five sets of “My First NHL ® Book Series”, OR one of five sets of the “Puckster Series”.

Enter quickly, because the giveaway closes on Friday, December 16th!

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