Can you drive more safely to the rink? Winter Car Care Dos and Don’ts

Dec 10, 2012 by

Like many of you, I have been known to clear off my windshield with a hockey stick. Kind of does the trick, but not great for getting the snow and ice off of the hood and roof of the vehicle. Also like many of you, I have been known to drive with under half a tank of gas in the winter. Not a bad thing if you are going to a local rink close by, but we all know that some of the rinks we drive to in the winter are far from local, and can often be pretty remote.

When I attended the ILR Advanced Driving School on behalf of Goodyear, I learned lots of things that I was doing incorrectly, or not at all, when I was driving. Many of these things could impact the life of my car, while others could impact the safety of myself and my family. That’s why I found the “Winter Car Care Dos and Don’t’s” a bit of an eye opener, and also a practical checklist that I can use in the winter to be a better, and safer driver.

Have a read of Winter Car Care Dos and Don’ts, and enter our fourth Giveaway for a set of Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Tires. There will be a question to “Winter Car Care Dos and Don’ts”, so pay attention!

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  1. so enjoying going to our (2) grandsons hockey games this winter, living in Revelstoke BC we need good winter tires to travel all over the okanagan and Shuswap areas….great contest!

  2. marian jacko

    I need tires badly!

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